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Biography Maeda, Masao (1904 - 1974)

Masao Maeda was born in Hakodate, island of Hokkaido. The man who guided Masao Maeda's career was undoubtedly Hiratsuka Un'ichi. He first met him in 1923, and he later studied with him. He started as a painter, studying with Ryűzaburô Umehara (1888-1986), but gradually he changed to Hanga, associating with Hiratsuka in the Yoyogi Group. He was also a member of Onchi's Ichimokukai - First Thursday Society. Landscapes were his main subject. Among his fellow artists he was admired for his carving and printing skills. Also in his smaller-sized works his mastery of the medium is evident. Maeda's prints nearly always offer 'something' extra, and are extremely pleasing.

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