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Biography Hashimoto, Okiie (1899 - 1993)

Okiie Hashimoto was born in Tottori Prefecture. In 1924 he graduated as as an art teacher at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts, specializing in watercolours. After attending Hiratsuka Un'ichi's short course in woodblock printing at the Nihon Bijutsu Gakk˘ (the Nihon School of Fine Arts) he became good friends with him, and he became a member of his circle (the Yoyogi group). He first exhibited at the Japanese Print Association Show in 1937. He was a part-time printmaker ("a Sunday print-maker") until 1955, the rest of his time spent on his job of assistant principal of Tokyo's First Women's High School. After his retirement he spent all his time and energy on printmaking. His main subjects are gardens, castles, but also figure studies.

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